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250 mg caffeine per serving with ingredients to make sure you don’t get the bad side effects like jitters.


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5% Core Energy is a strong well balance stimulant that will give you a quick burst of sustainable energy without the crash. This product starts off with 175mg of Infinergy and 25mg of TeaCrine to give you a quick burst of energy. This is followed up with 100mg of Theobromine to provide a longer lasting, smooth stimulant effect. To keep all these stims in check we added 50mg of L-Theanine and 10mg of Ptersotilbene. All of these ingredients combined provides you with powerful energy supplement that will last for hours without jitters or crash. In each 2-cap serving will provide 250mg of caffeine. With each capsule providing 125mg of caffeine you have the flexibility to adjust your dosage to your desired level.
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